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I'm Moving!!!

I just purchased my own domain at www.AnnaTsang.com and am in the process of moving everything over...

Its still a work in progress, but check it out. :)

If you don't get redirected, just click the link.


Reading for aliens. 

Its raining outside. The air coming through my window is quite chilly. Its very uncharacteristic of summer for the weather to be so overcast and cold. Almost feels like autumn tonight.

And I shouldn't even be on here writing.

I should be 'working', doing my media planning for this coming school year but procrastination has gotten the better of me tonight. Its not like I don't want to get the work done, its just I have so many other things I would rather be doing right now. Like reading, listening to music, playing guitar or watching a movie.

I've been reading alot lately. Reading for me is somewhat a luxury. I have to say (and in fear of sounding like a total nerd) that books are among some of my few prized possessions. Do you remember that 80's movie 'My stepmother is an alien'? The stepmother played by Kim Basinger would read books by placing her forearm between the pages and read them in seconds. Sometimes I wish I could read like her, I wish I could inhale books. Theres only so many hours in the day.

But the past few days, though I have compromised my working schedule at the expense of this, has been so good. Its been like rediscovering a lost love. Its like seeing an old friend and being reminded why you love them all over again just by being with them. I love reading, its like watching a good film, it makes me feel.


Feels like home. 

Relationships. Life is all about relationships. The good, the bad and the well, just plain strange. I once heard someone say that women often judge the quality of their lives by the quality of their relationships. I have to say that I agree, for me at least.

I love being with my friends. I love being able to be around them, able to let my hair down and be me. I love being able to just muck around and be silly or ask the serious questions of life and feel totally at home. It feels so natural. It feels like family.

I've been to places where, though I've talked the whole night and met a whole bunch of people, I've left feeling like I know no one. I don't have a problem with small talk and getting to know people, not at all. I just think that conversation needs to eventually get past the surface stuff. It can be so hard in social situations, but maybe thats because of my interest to rather know who someone is, rather than what they have been up to. It can be frustrating because I think people are so interesting and I just want to know who they are.

I love my friends and I love Ruth, they feel like home to me. If the quality of ones life is based on the quality of ones relationships then these are the ones I want to base my life around.


Summer and the days coming. 

I slept all day today. I think my body needed to recover from 6 weeks of intensive teaching prac. I can't believe that its over, but I've also been hanging to relax and do things at my own pace.

I've got so much planning to do for next year, I'm basically teaching 6 subjects, 4 of them are upper schools subjects, and 2 of them are new courses of study. Yes, I really have my work cut out for me next year. Its going to be challenging but I'm looking forward to the challenge to grow. Amoungst that though, I do plan to enjoy myself and I already have some things on the agenda I have planned to acomplish this summer:

  • Learn to fingerpick and play the guitar better

  • Read more books

  • Learn more about God and have a better understanding about why I believe christianity and a real relationship with God is true

  • Teach myself Macromedia Flash

  • Build a website

  • Get to know some people better

Heres to a new season of life :)


Trust me, my love

Hope. Don't give up on me

Come fight for it

Rescue, be brave.

Come on in, come on in

...can you love me?


Its been too many nights of being with,
to now be

suddenly without.

Can you love me? 

There are some things in life I just can't explain and there are many things in life I just don't understand. I guess thats just part of the journey to find out more, to understand better. Some days I feel more overwhelmed than others.

I'm on the last leg of my prac right now. As much as I am loving it I find myself hankering to have lazy afternoons without the intensity to have it all together, to be prepared and organised. Being organised is not in my natural nature so its been an extra effort to stay on top of everything. I can't wait for the summer to let my hair down.

I'm loving life despite its challenges and confusion. Challenge and confusion is a part of the journey. Its what makes it interesting. It just wouldn't be life without it.

And I'm discovering a part of me I don't think I really acknowledged before. A part of my heart that I know God has placed there from the very beginning. To be comfortable in my own skin, understanding who I am better and be totally okay with it. Not feeling like I need to impress anyone but to do what I believe to be right.

Life is crazy, busy and confusing but its all part of this journey God has set out for me. I'm savouring each step because there is no other day like this.

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